How many time did you go to certain web sites for programmers looking for snippets of code or looking for answers ? Now that you found the answer, are you going to search for the same answer maybe tomorrow or next week ? Or maybe next month ? If the answer is "Yes", then you need to save that snippet somewhere so you can find it next time. Even if the originally the code was not entirely yours, after you made a few modifications and you run it, you understand it and you start to recognized your style. The next time you do not have to search the web, you go straight to your notes and get what you need. Basically you build your personal coding knowledge-base. The end result is that you can expect to write code faster, learn and improve your skills, grow your career and help your peers.

Codex Banana is a code snippets manager (text snippets utility or cheat sheets organizer or professional text template solution) that is simple to use. The design is focused on usability rather than looking cool. The software is free to use and at this time does not connect to internet. It is available for Windows as a stand-alone software. A Linux and MacOS versions are under development, along with an online version.


  • 100% free, no limitations
  • OS: Windows
  • snippets are stored using text
  • unlimited number of domains (doms)
  • up to 24 categories (cats) per domain
  • unlimited number of articles (arts) per category
  • CRUD for doms/cats/arts
  • selector for doms/cats
  • approximate search by article's title or by content
  • exact search in the article's content
  • encrypt/decrypt articles using AES 16-bytes
  • hide/unhide articles
  • history of previously visited articles
  • export content
  • etc

Who can use it:

  • programmers who want to save code they use frequently but they do not want to memorize and they do not want to search the internet every time they need it
  • help desk agent who need quick access to notes so they can copy-paste text into the tickets management system
  • secretaries who need to send letters to clients or third party providers and they use templates
  • people who need to save a certain step-by-step procedure for later use
  • anybody who want to have a single point of access to notes they use frequently, or notes they use once in a while, but they still need to be strored in a known place


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